How You Eat Your Pizza Says This About Your Personality

Are You Spontaneous? It Depends on How You Eat Your Pizza.


Based on a theory developed by William Moulton Marston, and first seen in Cosmopolitan, here’s what your pizza-eating style says about your personality:


If you start at the bottom and eat it with small bites, you like things to go according to plan. You don’t venture too far from the norm, and will stick to what you know best.

If you start by eating the crust, you are more spontaneous, and are more likely to try new things and strive to stand out.


If you use a fork and knife, you are an easy-going and friendly person who likes to be helpful and supportive.


If you fold your pizza, you’re an ambitious person who tends to be impatient. You like the challenge of multi-tasking, and are results-driven.