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It’s Patio Season… Do These ‘Hangover Free’ Hacks Really Work?

It’s the summer of the patio, and after over a year of distancing we know just how eager everyone is to get back to socializing with good friends—and a few drinks. Before you head out this weekend for some cold ones with your crew, let’s not forget the universally hated consequence of a night out: the hangover. The morning after a night of drinking can be a pain, with many experiencing headaches, nausea, and a general feeling of ‘bleh’ that can ruin your Sunday brunch plans—but can a hangover be avoided? Here’s some of the top ‘hangover-free’ tips and tricks to try out the next time you head for the patio.

Don’t forget to eat

Alcohol is more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream on an empty stomach. Ensuring that you’re full before drinking slows down the process of alcohol passing to your intestines and prevents you from getting drunk too quickly, keeping your blood alcohol levels lower throughout the evening. Having a full stomach may also subconsciously make you sip slower as you’re not trying to fill up on liquids. 

Follow your drinks with a Gatorade

Alcohol dehydrates you, which strips your body of much-needed electrolytes and fluids. Sports drinks like Gatorade are made to combat dehydration and can help prevent the headache that comes from a lack of fluids. Coconut water is another option for raising your electrolyte levels throughout the night.

Get your dose of Vitamin B

Studies have shown that supplementing vitamin B before and after drinking can decrease the severity of hangover symptoms. It’ll come as no surprise that the above mentioned hangover remedy Gatorade contains a high percentage of your daily B vitamins.

Stick with clear liquids

Darker liquids tend to have more toxins than clear ones, so sticking with vodka or tequila based drinks with soda water is a good way to avoid a brutal hangover the next morning. Avoid mixing these liquors with high-sugar drinks like pop or juice, as the sugar can further contribute to inflammation in the body and lead to discomfort the next day.

Of course, the best way to avoid a hangover is to enjoy your favourite beverages in moderation. Experts suggest avoiding shots and sticking with mixed drinks to slow your consumption, and doing your best to stick with 1 drink per hour to give your body time to process the alcohol. 


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