Ottawa Indigenous Fashion Week 2019

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The Ottawa Indigenous Fashion Week 2019 show just wrapped up, but the inquires are still flowing in, says Charlene Lindsay, a Metis PhD (student) and co-founder of SDNR.

As part of the week’s festivities, Indigenous artists, designers, models, fashionista’s, academia, government bodies and the general public gathered to celebrate on the Hill. An interactive lecture also took place, along with workshops and a final runway show – which closed off the week.

Designers & Artists: Walking Dreamcatcher & the late Cecil Youngfox 


Thousand flooded Parliament Hill from around the globe for the Canada Day Celebrations, many of which were keenly interested in the Ottawa Indigenous Fashion Week, specifically the runway show which took place at the Arts Court Theatre. Although people wanted to attend the final runway show, they weren’t planning on staying in Ottawa until July 4th, which is when the show took place.

“After the fireworks and celebration on the Hill many flew home, which is why we are going to plan and schedule the Ottawa Indigenous Fashion Week 2020 show differently,” Lindsay said. In this regard, those visiting from abroad will be able to attend.


Designers: Walking Dreamcatcher by SDNR Eco-Equitable  and Josue Mushana 


In addition to the runway show, other events took place including an interactive lecture at the University of Ottawa themed: Fashion and the Environment which was held at the STEM Complex- Room 117 on Thursday, July 3rd from 12-3pm. Lindsay said she was surprised to see how intrigued people were to learn about the fashion industry’s connection to the environment and that even after she wrapped up the lecture, several students and faculty members stayed to ask questions and express their concerns for environmental protection.

Charlene and the SDNR team would like to thank the City of Ottawa, the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa, the Metis Nation of Ontario,the Arts Court Theatre, Parliament Hill and Beaded Dreams for their kind assistance and contribution.


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