Ottawa’s Must-Go-To Food Trucks Before The Nice Weather Leaves

What do you call a truck that contains a small kitchen, a few employees, and unlimited movement? Food trucks – the army of little kitchens solely responsible for producing delicious and unique foods all over Ottawa. Before the nice weather leaves, checking out Ottawa’s food trucks is a must. Here are three that true foodies swear by.


1. The Blended Berry – 298 Preston Street (Open 10am-5pm)


A food truck that focuses on a variety of healthy conscious options. Most famous for their smoothie and acai bowls, the food is just as photo-worthy as it is delicious.

photo: @makaylakipp

2. Bonita’s Cantina – (6001 Hazeldean Road, Stittsville, ON)


Who doesn’t crave a taco filled with amazing awesomeness? I honestly couldn’t think of anyone. Bonita’s Cantina is a Mexican style of food truck that specializes in quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas.

photo: @waiwai_lau

3. What the truck? – 485 Preston St, Ottawa


A food truck that makes you question your life choices (in a good way).  What The Truck? Serves on-the-go gourmet and wood-fired pizza’s and panini’s, definitely a must- taste!


Cover photo: @amandabelli

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