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5 Things You Should Know About The New Ottawa LRT

The Ottawa Light-Rail Train is destined to open up this Saturday, September 14th at 2pm, and Ottawa citizens couldn’t be any more excited. There will be thirteen exciting new stations that will be opened up to the public, connecting to major hub spots around the city. Between Tunney’s Pasture in the west, and Blair Station in the east, a frequent amount of trains will be able to get you to your destination. Here are the top 5 things the City of Ottawa Council want you to know about the LRT:


  1. Getting there is easy. More than 100 bus routes connect to the train, or you can walk, bike, or ride a mobility device—every station is fully accessible. Just look for the big red O!
  2. Same fare, better service: A trip on the train costs the same as on the bus, and the normal 90-minute transfer period applies so customers do not have to pay twice when transferring. Tunney’s Pasture, Blair, and Hurdman Stations will have fare-paid zones, so customers can easily transfer between buses and trains.
  3. Tap and go: Fare gates make entering the station a breeze. Customers simply tap their smartcard or scan their barcoded transfer.
  4. Ticket machines at every station: They are fully accessible and great for those who want to pay with cash, debit or credit. You can also purchase or reload a Presto card, and even video-chat with customer service.
  5. We are here to help: OC Transpo staff will be at all stations every day until mid-October.


If you’re thinking of riding the train on September 14thand have any more looming questions, there’s more details at the link below:


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