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Shamrock Sour, Irish Hammer, and 2 other cocktails to plan your St. Patrick’s day with

St. Patrick’s day is a whole day of Irish-style drinking. Green food colouring in your beer may be enough for you, but if not, try one of these 6 St. Patrick’s day cocktails.


Shamrock Sour


This recipe turns a whiskey sour into an Irish whiskey sour in 3 seconds (and one drop of food colouring) flat. View the full recipe at pizzazzerie.


Irish Hammer


The Irish Hammer is a crowd favourite, especially for those who start the party early. It mixes Jack Daniels which Irish mist and Irish Coffee into one, festive shot. View the full recipe at Drinklab.


Baby Guinness Jello Shots


These mini-guinnies are just what you need to store in your fridge on St. Patrick’s Day. They may look like impressively-poured shots of beer, but they’re actually a chocolate jello shot with a Bailey’s jello shot on top. Here’s the full recipe from Slim Pickin’s Kitchen. Cheers to that!


Irish Tea Party



For the ones who love a lighter drink, this Irish Tea Party Recipe transforms your classic iced tea into a St. Patrick’s day-approved cocktail. Green tea, lime and Irish Whisky come together to create something completely unique, thanks to our friends at The Spruce Eats.