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How to Prep Your House for a Spring Sale

Many people wait for warmer weather to sell their homes. With flowers blooming, birds chirping and a stronger sun beaming down on home buyers, it does seem like the right time to sell. If you’re planning on selling your home in the spring housing market, here are some tips on how to get the most value from your home.



Get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Put it in storage, give away items you no longer want, and move the furniture to make your house look bigger. Get items off the ground and counters, and tucked away. The more organized your home is, the bigger and cleaner it looks. That could mean a larger offer on your home.



You love your partner, your kids and your pets. We all do. But potential buyers are sometimes distracted by your beloved family members and can’t picture their family living in your home. It’s not a knock on you or your loved ones, but limit the personal touches.



Curb Appeal

Spring does mean warmer weather, but it also means landscaping. Buyers don’t want to pull up to a house with an unkempt lawn, damaged flower garden and oil-stained lane way. Make sure your house looks as good from the outside as it does inside.


Repairs and Touch-Ups

Moving is enough of a stressor that people generally don’t want to repair and repaint. Make sure your walls aren’t full of holes, your ceilings aren’t cracked, and your paint is neutral. The lime green you loved for years may not appeal to buyers, so repaint before your showings.


Neat Freak

Once your house is ready to show you’ll need to be meticulous with cleaning. Vacuuming, scrubbing and tidiness go a long way in making your house looks its best. A clean house shows buyers that you care about appearances and have taken good care of your home.


Nature Lover

Add plants, flowers, and fruit to make your home welcoming. A bouquet of flowers in the dining room, apples in the kitchen, and plants in the living room could be that little extra touch that separates your home from the others.

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