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The 4 Best Kitchen Gadgets For Instantly Upgrading Your Hosting

Note: Faces’ writers have partnered with Amazon to offer affiliate links, although these reviews are written unbiased and uncensored. You will still pay the best price offered, but our writers may receive a small commission on your purchase.

For some, hosting guests is an absolute joy. Picking out decorative items, beautiful kitchenware, and finding a balance between utility and design are just some of the aspects that hosting entails. Hosts want to show their guests a good time, while also impressing them with a sense of taste, fashion, and know-how. But for others, the time it takes to pick showcase items might be better spent focusing on the cooking or preparing, and so we’ve prepared these top 4 kitchen gadgets for upgrading your hosting. 


Fox Run Granite Mortar and Pestle

Buy it on Amazon from $91.45:

This handy mortar and pestle combination is as beautiful as it is useful. The dark tone of the granite and heaviness of the bowl makes it a perfect feature dish, or just general decor. It can help accent other items in the kitchen or dining room by using dark shades, like burgundy or another dark grey. On the utility side, you can mix and serve up guacamole in the bowl without having to use another dish, or use it to prepare your fresh spices and herbs. 


Wine Chiller

Buy from Amazon from $58.10:

This is a design-centric take on a simple wine chiller shows that there is no need to compromise on style for wine nights. The chiller, by itself, can be mistaken for a statue of modern art, but combined with a wine bottle is a perfect example of form and function. 


Wireless Drink Assistant

Buy from Amazon from $128.40:

At first glance, this scale looks like a stylish version of the common kitchen appliance, but it’s far from it. The wireless scale is connected to your smartphone and driven by an app that measures the amount of liquid in each recipe by weight while walking you through the steps. This makes pouring a drink, like a mojito, almost effortless and with a precision that will keep your guests thirsty for the next one. This scale also includes apps for baking and blending and is sure to be a timesaver. 


Glacio Ice Sphere

Buy from Amazon from $48.49:

Like with decor, the devil is often in the details of hosting. Small things, like ice, can make a difference in the minds’ of guests. This ice cube tray, which produces large spheres, is like a mini ice sculpture ready for your guests to enjoy, and perfect for that old fashioned. 

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