The Last 2 Zellers In Existence Are Shutting Down

Hudson’s Bay Company is phasing out the last two Zellers locations, and it’s set to happen early next year.

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By January 2020, the remaining two locations (respectively located in Ottawa and Toronto) will close their doors. Tiffany Bourre has provided insights towards the situation, stating that after careful observation of the two locations’ performance, they have decided they were no longer profitable.

As for any employees that are currently employed within the two stores, separation packages and transfer opportunities will become available closer towards the shutdown date.

As for any shoppers that are looking to get fantastic deals on clothing and furniture necessities, Zellers in Ottawa is having a blowout sale which is currently 10%-30% off of everything in the store. This discount will surely rise as the store nears its departure, and on behalf of us at Faces: we strongly advise you capitalize on this!

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