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The Most Dangerous Animals Ever Spotted In Ottawa

Ottawa is home to some of nature’s most dangerous creatures.


The Black Bear

Although uncommon, black bears have been sighted in suburban areas in Ottawa.

The Gray Wolf

Mostly sticking to forests or mountain ranges, this wolf is popular in Gatineau Park.

The Fisher

 Ottawa is littered with fishers, they’ve been seen all around the city. They’ve even been known to take down large dogs if they feel threatened.

Cougar/Mountain Lion

Although rarely seen in Ottawa, cougars have been sighted before, and most of the time, it’s been in the west end of Ottawa. In 2015, a cougar was found near carp, resting in a farmer’s haystack.

       Massasauga Rattlesnake

The bad news—there are poisonous snakes in Ottawa (although very rare). The good news—these are the only venomous snakes in all of Ontario, and they grow anywhere from 50-70cm long (only). Don’t be too alarmed, as these snakes only bite if they feel truly threatened.

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