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The Top 5 Things We Tend To Forget

The common adult has a 20-minute attention span for things that they aren’t interested in. With the rise of social media, fast content, and the stream of byte-sized information we take in daily, researchers estimate that the adult attention span has decreased by about 12 minutes in the last 10 years. Your short-term memory, also considered your working memory, can hold up to 7 pieces of information at one time.

But regardless of the amazing feats of the brain, occasional forgetfulness affects us all, and things like lack of sleep, anxiety, and overworking can exacerbate it.

A survey conducted by Avery Office and Consumer Products identified the top 5 things people forget on the regular; most of which are small, simple tasks. The reason? We simply have too much going on.

Taking Out The Garbage

Even in 2022, remembering garbage day is still something we will struggle with. For those who need reinforcement, download the Ottawa Collection Calendar mobile app for Apple or Android. On the app, you’ll be able to confirm your collection day, merge important dates into your personal calendar, and sign up for email and phone reminders.


Every human who has ever made a password has forgotten a password in their lifetime. We try our best to avoid this, though, by creating ‘unforgettable’ passwords. In the 1990s, the most common password on the web was ‘12345’. Today, it is ‘123456’. Most women use a password that includes a meaningful name, and most men use a hobby in their password.

Returning Calls

The most commonly forgotten to-do in North America? Returning phone calls. Though we have to wonder how many phone calls are subconsciously forgotten (in the digital age, many people prefer to text than to call), it stands that many people genuinely forget that someone has called earlier in the day.

Charging Phones

Unless you have a ritualistic routine for charging your cell phone, you may be one of those who routinely forgets to account for your battery life. Despite how common it is, it’s not good for your phone. When your phone dies, a chemical reaction takes place in the battery that limits its capacity. Over time, this can reduce the power of your battery, in a somewhat self-fulfilling prophecy.


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