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Thinking About Shaving Your Head? Read This First

You may be thinking of shaving your head in the name of fashion, or, most likely, because you feel it might be time. Time to transition from riding the line (the hairline, that is) each day with a mix of hats and gels. You sense inside of you an urge to throw those away with wild abandon, to shave it off, and begin a new chapter.


You’re not alone, and we hear you. But, we have a few tips. We sat down with Ottawa’s award-winning barber and entrepreneur Christopher Lord, owner of King’s Own Barbershop, for expert advice on when, how, and what to expect when shaving your head.


When To Shave Your Head


If you’re noticing a receding hairline or balding in any form, chances are you are already hyper attuned to the status of your hair. You may even have your own benchmark for when to bring out the buzzer. There’s no right or wrong answer, truly, for when shaving your head may be a good fit. It’s all preference: in fact, rocking a receding hairline is more than okay, it’s a show of confidence.


As a rule of thumb, if you’re showing more scalp than hair, shaving your head is a good idea because it will work better to even things out than the opposite: styling your hair to even out the thinning, says Chris. He makes a case for change, too: “another popular reason for shaving your head is if you want to change it up. If you have a beard, that could be a really good combo, that’s what I often do.”


“This is another reason why having a good barber is important,” he explains. “You should have someone you trust who is knowledgeable helping you. A barber will sometimes be the one to bring it up, and let the client know that it may be time to consider shaving their head.”


What To Expect


Shaving your head is NOT a quick fix if you are simply annoyed at having to upkeep your luscious locks. You should expect more maintenance after you buy-in to the buzzer than before. “There’s a decent amount of maintenance involved.” Says Chris. “I shave my head once a week, and that’s a minimum. I don’t have the time to shave every day, but some do.”


You’ll need to invest in a balder, and high-quality foam, says Chris.


Do’s & Don’ts


We mention high-quality foam because of irritation: close shaving any area of your body can be irritating, but none so noticeable as your head. So, it’s important to take the right precautions to avoid irritation.


“Invest in your razors and shaving soap,” says Chris. “Always be sure to take a shower or use a hot towel to first open up all of the pores on your head and make sure the skin is soft to avoid that irritation.”



Still with us? In review, if you’re considering shaving your head, absolutely talk to your barber first. Expect a bit more maintenance, and to properly invest in the right products. Also expect some trial and error, as you get comfortable with the process. Most importantly, make sure to give yourself patience, and confidence: shaving your head is a power move, not a sign of surrender. Anyone can rock a shaved head who truly owns it. Just look to Justin Bieber for an example of how confidence is the biggest component to owning that buzz cut.

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