Top 5 Clothing Necessities For Men This Fall

It’s been getting colder and colder here in Ottawa, and layers are becoming more of a necessity if you want to go outside. I know that you don’t want to be unprepared for the fact that winter is coming, so in preparation for this fall, Faces has compiled our top 5 clothing necessities for men this fall. If you’re a naturally cold person, or just want to dress your best this season, be sure to check out this list:


Hudson’s Bay – London Fog Herringbone Scarf (25$)

It’s that time to bring out the scarves! This perfectly grey savvy scarf adds a nice touch to any sort of overlaying peacoat, or khakis that you may be sporting. I prefer having the two ends slide loosely over my chest, but that’s just my preference. You can’t go wrong with this value from Hudson’s Bay, either.


H&M – Black-lined Peacoat (99$)

Peacoats are to fall as tank tops are to summer! You’re going to need this light-weight jacket to keep you warm when the weather cools down, and I suggest going to H&M for it. At just shy of 100$, you can’t go wrong with one clothing item that will match everything you have. Always get the black one though, as it will be more versatile for your wardrobe needs.


The Shoe Company – Timberland Basic Waterproof Boots (169$)

A little bit of a steeper option on this list, but for good reason – these shoes are waterproof, sustainable, and will last you multiple seasons. Consider it an investment for your feet, but you’ll be extremely happy when you try these boots on! Classy in the winter as well, these shoes add a nice colour scene to the falling leaves fall has to offer. They also have great warranty/return policies on them, if the case ever arises.


Nike – Club Fleece Galactic Jade Crew Neck (36$)

This Nike sweater is perfect for just a casual day out – it’s branded, provides the ultimate comfort, and the olive green is a nice touch alongside a crisp pair of distressed jeans. I highly suggest having a crew neck at your disposal, because you can only really appreciate these items during colder seasons.


Levi’s – Distressed Blue Jeans (60$)

Ripped up jeans have been a trend for a while now, and it’s surely not stopping anytime soon. Show some skin in an appropriate way by copping these eccentric bottoms, but be careful – this is a fall/spring look, and won’t transfer over well to the winter. These will pair perfectly with any of the above items, as well (especially those Timberland boots).

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