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Up To 26% Of People Bite Their Ice Cream, Survey Finds

In June, an image that circulated social media sparked debate about just how many people actually prefer to bite their ice cream instead of licking it.


While most comments were in favour of the traditional way of licking ice cream, it wasn’t unanimous. Now, a 2017 study has found new relevance in solving the mystery of how normal it is to bite your ice cream.


My ice-cream cone had a hidden wrapper from mildlyinteresting

The study, which was done by American ice cream company Carvel, found that up to 26% of respondents actually preferred to bite their ice cream. Of the quarter that said yes to biting,  15% reported never experiencing brain freeze from this method.

So for those who are surprised by the idea that anyone would bite their ice cream, new research suggests that over a quarter of our population does.