We Tried: Dill Pickle Vodka


With October’s National Vodka Day approaching, we scoured the world of spirits for some of the oddest flavours of Vodka in the world. 

The task wasn’t hard, considering Vodka is the #1 selling spirit in the world. While citrusy infusions like Ketel One’s Orange and Deep Eddy’s Lime Flavoured Vodkas are soaring in popularity amongst cocktail connoisseurs, other, more creative flavours can be found for the truly adventurous, like Naked Jay’s Dill Pickle Vodka. 

The owner of The Naked Jay, who ‘invented’ and bottled this flavour, credits the inspiration to an afternoon baseball game. Upon running out of chase for his vodka, Jay used pickle juice as mix, and fell in love with the combination. It now retails for about $14.99 US, and is featured across social media as a guest-star of Bloody Mary’s, Double Dill Cocktails, and and Caesars.

The Review: 

Savoury notes of garlic and salt are the most powerful, which makes this spirit a great addition to caesars. But, as pickle lovers will find, what’s truly missed is the smell and bite of vinegar. This is, of course, replaced by Vodka, which works well to note overpower the subtle pickle notes that follow the garlic. 

Overall, the vodka is a must-try for pickle and caesar lovers. It makes a great addition to those mixed drinks. By itself, the vodka is pretty muted, but the garlic notes make the list of possible additions to this drink very limited.


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