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Wearing Blue Light Glasses Can Increase Productivity

Whether you need prescription lenses or not, wearing glasses designed to shield your eyes from a screen’s blue light rays has shown to help your work output.


As more people work, learn, and relax at home more often due to COVID19, the increase in screen time is having a noticeable effect. For some, it’s a bad night’s sleep. For others, it’s an inability to stay productive after long hours of computer time.


A new study published Journal of Applied Psychology has shown the wearing blue-light glasses, even just a few hours before bed, can improve your quality of sleep and lead to better decision-making and work output.


“We found that wearing blue-light-filtering glasses is an effective intervention to improve sleep, work engagement, task performance and organizational behavior, and reduced counterproductive work behavior.” Says the study’s lead researcher, Cristiano Guarana of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.


The study examined over 60 managers and 60 call center representatives from the same company, giving blue-light glasses to participants at random and studying the effects on sleep and performance.

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