What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

Everyone has a favourite colour; doesn’t that seem a little strange to you? It’s not like having a favourite food that’ll bring you satisfaction. Or a favourite movie that’ll bring you entertainment. So why choose a colour that you favour?

Maybe it’s because, at your deepest core, your favourite colour actually says something about your personality. There could be some type of connection between how to handle day-to-day tribulations to what colour you choose for your living room or car.


An article reviewed by Dr. Lauren Guilbeault suggests that people who choose black as their favourite colour may have a complicated personality. You strive on being proper, polite, and regal but also want power and control in life. With this need for power and control, you’ve learned to share your opinions with some authority, sometimes coming across as too serious or intimidating.

You also tend to not share things well with others, often making situations more dramatic than they need to be. The colour black is also known as a shade, which would suggest you’re mysterious or independent, which might add to your power fantasy.


While the colour blue is often associated with the emotion of depression or sadness, that’s not the case with people who choose it as their favourite colour. According to an article publish on Psychology Today, these people often find peace and tranquillity with the colour, often encouraging them to find the same in their own lives.

You don’t value the quantity of friends but the quality. Your small group of friends are of high value to you. You jump to the opportunity to help others in need but are cautious of being taken advantage of. After someone meets you for the first time, they’ll often remember you for being warm, friendly and engaging.


Often the colour associated with earthy and organic materials, this usually means you appreciate the beauty of nature around you. Gardening and growing food might be a very satisfying hobby for you. You also enjoy a simpler lifestyle than that of luxury. A sweet little home on the countryside is more appealing to you than that of a large mansion in the busiest part of the city.

You’re a planner, having a high dislike for impulsiveness. You’re always expected to be the dependable and punctual one in the group. You value family immensely, always putting them above all else, confirming that you appreciate a comfortable and stable home-life.


A colour often associated with wealth and greed, it can also mean good fortune, fertility and rebirth. This could signify that you are able to commit yourself to relationships with more ease than others. But you can also become obsessed with your reputation, meaning you care too much about how people perceive you.

You do have a sense of priority though, often targeting what is most important in your life and dividing what is not. You tend to see the big picture through multiple points of view. This makes others respect your objective and fair outlook to difficult situations.


Don’t let its reputation of dreariness fool you. People who love this colour seem to have a flair for style, transforming their home décor into something resembling chic and modern. But, grey could also mean that you appreciate your privacy and alone time.

You prefer to keep to yourself rather than being the life of the party. You’re also fair-tempered, often entering tough situations with calmness and composure. People often rely on you to keep the peace when tensions run high.


Meet the anti-grey people. Instead of keeping to themselves, people who choose orange as their favourite colour are the life of the party and thrive on being so. This makes you a true people person.

According to an article posted on, team leading and building are natural skills, along with problem-solving and inspiring others. You love living in the moment and being present in everything exciting and new. Unfortunately, being so sociable makes you easily swayed by outside opinions and impulsive to important decisions.


If you are connecting pink to emotions of love, then you would be correct. According to Dr. Lauren Guilbeault, Those who favour this colour usually search for unconditional love in their life, whether that be from a romantic partner or close friend. They often express themselves in such a way too to earn that unconditional love.

You often give off a caring and encouraging vibe in your friend group, wanting peace and harmony among your loved ones. It’s also very possible, in your very core, you are a romantic. This could also mean you have a flirtatious nature, feeling a sense of euphoria when with a new partner or dating.


Do you stress over the little things in your life or your work? You might choose purple as your favourite colour. Perfectionism is not a strange concept to you, making your intuition in many situations better than most.

You also tend to burst with creativity, no matter which type of project to take the helm on. Friends and family might use the word “visionary” when describing you. You also relish on being different, unique and walking your own path no matter what anyone thinks of you.


Often associated with anger and rage, people who favour this colour are usually not that far off. Red is often showing that you’re assertive in any conversation, vigorous and prone to impulsive actions with varying moods. But you still have sympathy for your fellow people, which can connect to your high sex drive.


This could also mean you’re driven to adventure and very active in your day-to-day life. It can also be connected to the emotion of love, trying to take your positive traits of sympathy, outgoing and being a natural-born leader into your relationships.


This colour is often known for its elegance and so are the people who choose it as their favourite. An article in Psychology Today suggests if you like this colour, you strive for organization throughout your own life, from your workspace to your car to even your relationships.

White also has a reputation for being the “brightest and cleanest” colour. So, adding to your organizational habits, you might also find cleaning to be very relaxing and satisfying.


Remember Joy from the movie Inside Out? There’s a reason she was designed with a yellow palette. You are known for your energy and happiness, which is shown all over your body. You are an optimist to the end, refusing to see the glass as anything but half full, even if it seems ignorant to others.

But you also have a shy nature to you, so if you want to show off that energetic happiness, people have to invite it out of you. You desire the social traits of orange or purple lovers, you want their respect and crave admiration.

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