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When Technology Fails, Our Stress Levels Double, New Study Says

As computers and cell phones become one of the only ways to stay connected during lockdowns, new research is showing that our dependency on connectivity can have detrimental effects on our health when things go awry.


Neuroscience firm EMOTIV recently conducted a study that looked at the brainwaves of people experiencing technical glitches during standard, every-day interactions with their phone or computer. The glitches were things like slow internet speeds, failed log-in attempts, or videos not being able to load.


The study observed that when people were met with consistent tech glitches, their stress levels more than doubled, a reaction that doesn’t usually happen during our daily lives.


Stress levels caused by technology also took a long time to calm down to normal rates, unlike other forms of stress, like arguments, or stubbing your toe.


Young people were more affected by the glitches.

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It’s an important lesson for us as we enter into another phase of lockdown: that when we become disconnected in comparison to our expectations, our stress levels can rise at an unexpected rate.

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