You Can Now Uber Eats Food Right To Your Gate At Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport

Have you ever been waiting on an airport layover, sitting on the uncomfortable benches, just wishing someone would deliver food right to your seat?

Yes, many airports have a variety of food options, with travel-sized snack packs and foods from all kinds of cultures. But enjoying those requires you to unplug your laptop, pack up your belongings, and wander through the terminal in search of something to satisfy your craving.

Not anymore. Enter a partnership between Uber Eats and Toronto Pearson Airport. As part of a pilot program – the first of its kind in the world – passengers will be able to use the Uber Eats app, choose from their favourite HMSHost restaurant at the airport, and have food delivered right to their gate. The options will range from burgers, burritos and smoked meat, to shawarma, shepherd’s pie, fish & chips and more.

“Uber Eats’ partnership with Toronto Pearson is a perfect example of how our platform is creating unique experiences in unexpected places, beyond rides,” said Marcus Womack, Head of Global Airport Products at Uber. “We’re making the dining experience a more convenient part of travel, in one of the world’s most innovative airports, one meal at a time.”  

Toronto Pearson is Canada’s largest airport, and second-busiest North American international airport. This pilot program, serving International and Domestic passengers in Terminal 3, will run to the third quarter of 2019.




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