3 Of The Worst Salad Dressings You Can Eat

Most of us need a little dressing to spruce up our daily greens. And with so many options in-store, there is very little need for us to go and make our own. But, some dressings are loaded with sugars, salts, preservatives, and fats, all of which can make them more unhealthy than your standard chocolate syrup. Here are 3 of the worst salad dressings ever to be poured on an unsuspecting salad.




Caesar Salad Dressing


Egg, Cheese, Garlic, Onion, Anchovies. Caesar salad dressing is a delicate dance of flavours that is undoubtedly popular, considering it’s been enthroned with a salad after its own name. 

Caesar salad is high in fat and sodium, and the problem worsens when we consider just how much dressing goes into a caesar salad (The size of a caesar salad has doubled in calories and portion size in the last two decades). 

Most salad dressings have a suggested serving size of 2 tablespoons. And so, assuming that the average caesar salad has about 3 tablespoons, you’re looking at around 36% of your daily fat intake in one ‘salad’ (with Renee’s Creamy Caesar).






Catalina is a syrupy mix of tomato, vinegar and sugar (among other ingredients) that contains about 8 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoon serving. You’ve also got about 14% of your daily sodium intake.

Another thing to note here is Kraft’s use of Red40 food colouring that contains known carcinogens. 


Thousand Islands


A huge favourite (with some local roots), Thousand Islands dressing is one of the thickest dressings you can find for your salad (it even includes a thickening agent to keep the chopped pickles and other ingredients together). It’s got about 13 grams of fat in one serving (around 18% of your daily value) and 11% of your daily sodium. Not great numbers for your salad’s partner in crime. 



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