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3 Reasons You Will Quit Your Dream Job

photo: @chels.bell

Surprising reasons why people quit the jobs they really want(ed). 


1. Your Job Is Endless

Jobs that feel fun based on the mantra that they are carefree and low-stress may quickly turn into an endless commitment to mundane tasks. Jobs that don’t give employees an opportunity for growth produce one of the highest numbers of turnover.    

Nothing a DAW (dog at work) can’t fix, right? photo: @potamusthehippo


2. You Click ‘Attending’ For Your High School Reunion

Any large gathering of peers where people meet others that they would realistically compare themselves to is actually proven to increase job search activity in over 12% of people. As it turns out, your high school reunion is the best (or worst) breeding ground for feelings of job dissatisfaction resulting in turnover.

We’d much rather go to a wedding, anyway. Photo: @amy.maskell

3. Your Immediate Supervisor Is 
A Real Bother 

No matter how many perks you have right now, make sure that you like your supervisor in every way possible. Employees who ignore those little reasons why they don’t get along with their direct manager have a higher chance of turnover than any other work relationship. 

Your supervisor should make you feel like this, at least most of the time. photo: @xoveloxo


Cover Photo: @chels.belll


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