Living in Canada, we love autumn and coffee so much!

According to CBC News, Canada scored third highest for the total amount of brewed coffee consumption (an average of 152 litres per person) across the world.

Photo by CBC News

As the weather gets cold, we would like to enjoy warm coffee more than at any time. A cup of coffee has become a scene in the autumn of Canada.

Let’s enjoy the best coffee experience in Ottawa:

Equator Coffee Roasters


Photo by @equatorcoffee

The café currently has stores in Westboro and Almonte, and NAC (National Art Center) is their third store.

Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful Ottawa at the best view, or you want to have an elegant and welcoming place to talk to your friends, NAC’s Equator Coffee Roasters can be your first choice.

The huge glass window provides an unimaginable wide view.  The irregular geometry on the ceiling deepens the beauty of the entire shape. The white floor and the sporadic white seats make the entire store look simple and elegant. The squatting National Art Center adds a touch of culture to the café.

Where: 451 Ottawa St, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0

Art Is In


Photo by @artisinbakery

Whether you are an artist or a singer, I suggest you go to this cozy shop. Because Art is in Bakery’s mission is to provide guests with a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, imagine that in every exquisite atmosphere, every breath, every time you have a bite, there are countless dopamines activated in your brain.

How can your heart not be warm?

Where: 250 City Centre Avenue

 Cafe Cristal


Photo by cafecristal.ca

Cafe Cristal is the sanctuary in the heart of the people. This small French-style shop constantly evokes the pursuit of taste.

The menu combines the characteristics of France and Italy. Whether it is a blind date or a business meeting, whether it is the elegant environment of the store or the rich taste, you will enjoy happiness and energy.

Where: 240 Kennevale Drive

Quitters Coffee


Photo by @quitterscoffee

Their latte will make you feel that the original coffee is a canvas, and the oil-like shape makes people feel unwilling to make a fuss. This beautiful and crying rainbow pull flower latte is specially launched by the store in order to support the LGBTQ crowd. It is not only high in appearance but also very good in taste.

Where: 1523 Main Street South

Jackson café


Photo by #Jacksoncafé

On the tall, it is Jackson coffee! Because the store is inside the Art Gallery, so it has a very high floor height; the big thing is that the decoration is simple and the atmosphere, the combination of metal and marble is synonymous with simple and elegant; the quality of the raw materials used in pursuit of superior quality, Jackson coffee There are local small family farms and suppliers of the freshest organic ingredients available worldwide.

Where: 50 Mackenzie King Bridge



Photo by @macaronscanada

This store, run by the sisters of Dahdah, is the most glamorous cafe in Ottawa!

Macarons of all tastes are the masterpieces of the Dahdah sisters, and they are also the signature desserts they should not miss. The Macaron classrooms in the store are also in a mess. If you want to try their afternoon tea, you need to book online.

Where: 379 Richmond Rd



Photo by @hqottawa

This is a unique coffee shop! Can you imagine the relationship between haircuts, sandwiches, and coffee?

These three elements are magically combined in HEADQUARTERS, where you can eat and drink coffee, but also make a haircut by the way, and the boss’s online aesthetic will make every detail perfect.

Where: 113 – 115 Clarence St



Photo by @blumenstudio

How is it surrounded by plants to drink coffee? BLUMENSTUDIO will tell you the answer.

This brand store sells both flowers and coffee. When you step into the store, you will be confused for a moment, just like Alice is in the fairyland, but the aroma of coffee and baking will bring you back to reality. The fragrance of the flowers and the smell of the plants must have a great response.

Where: 465 Parkdale Ave



Photo by @littlevictoriescoffee

LITTLE VICTORIES COFFEE is a newly opened coffee shop in Ottawa. It is very cute and elegant. They will sell their own brand of coffee beans and SUZY Q DONUTS in the store and online.

There is a very professional barista in the store that will give you the most mellow taste.

Where: 801 Bank St



Didn’t get it wrong, Xiaobian, bicycle shop is also a coffee shop? Yes, this café is in the bike shop. According to the store manager, there is a habit of drinking coffee while riding a bicycle in Europe. So, as soon as you walked into the store, the first thing that caught your eye was not the coffee machine, but a bicycle hung by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Here, you can experience the collision of passion and idleness. Sitting quietly by the window, you can not only appreciate the crowds, but also the latest models of bicycles to drink aroma of latte is also a good choice.

Where: 1111A Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y6

Café Morala


Photo by @moralacafe

Although there are many coffee shops in the surrounding streets, this one stands out from the crowd. In the Glebe area, this is the oldest coffee shop. Most of the patrons in the coffee shop are neighbors and relatives, of course, the store also welcomes unfamiliar faces to join their extended family. Coffee comes from Picton’s suppliers, and fresh soups and baked dishes are waiting for you every day.

Where: 734 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3V4

Happy Goat Coffee Company


Photo by @happygoatcoffee

On the little Italian street, when you walked into this “warehouse”, you found out that this was a coffee shop. Here seem to be no boundaries of time and space. Feel free to set the table, ready to receive those who want to slow down. There are students’ laughter, the writer’s focus, and the ease of data.

After closing the door every day, the store manager will party with friends to the night. In addition to selling coffee and baked goods, you can also buy fresh honey and chocolate.

Where: 35 Laurel street; 317 Wilbrod street; 326 Elgin Street; 1091 Bank Street; 400 Cumberland Street

The Ministry of Coffee


Photo by @theministryofcoffee

This high-quality coffee shop uses the highest level of baking machines in North America to roast coffee beans.

Different baking machines are replaced every week, and the different aromas of the coffee beans are produced by different baking methods to stimulate people’s taste.

The store also offers a variety of desserts, soups, and sandwiches, allowing guests to satisfy the desire for food while savoring the fragrant coffee.

The store on Elgin street offers a wide range of coffee, while the Wellington West store offers a wide range of alcohol in the evenings.

Where: 279 Elgin St; 1013 Wellington St West

Morning Owl


Photo by @morningowlkanata

From Espresso Bar to the piano corner, Morning Owl uses the essence of coffee to infuse you with life. They choose high-quality coffee beans to turn their passion and love into a glass of exquisite and delicious drinks. Whether it’s Latte or American, whether it’s hot chocolate or cappuccino, every drop of scent is full of passion for life.

Where: 380 Elgin St; 139 Bank St; 1047 Canadian Shield Ave, Kanata, ON K2K 2W2

Coffee is not only a small helper who helps us to get through the long night, but also a refreshing artifact in the morning. It is the craftsman of the years.

How long have you do not stop at a fine coffee shop and enjoy a cup of cappuccino or snacks? In this beautiful autumn season, you should have a cup of coffee and have a good chat with friends.

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