4 Style Faux Pas That You’re Probably Making This Fall

Is there something about your style you can’t seem to master? Many people struggle with their wardrobe, not realizing that minor adjustments can completely change the overall look of any given outfit. Instead of reinventing your entire closet, read on to see 4 common fashion mistakes you may be making—and how to correct them to look and feel more confident every day.

The extra button

What do suit jackets, blazers, waistcoats, and cardigans all have in common? They all have a bottom button that you’re not actually supposed to use. According to Business Insider, this menswear custom dates back to the early 1900’s, when King Edward VII was too large to fit into his waistcoat, prompting him to leave the bottom button undone. His influence on fashion has remained to this day, with the rule being “sometimes, always, never” when referring to a 3- button jacket. However regardless of the style or number of buttons, the bottom one should remain undone if you’re aiming for a fashionable look.

Relying on your pockets

Your wallet, phone, and keys can fit in your pockets, but should they? The overstuffed pocket look is a common mistake that many make in their daily trek to the office. Not only does this disrupt what is an otherwise foolproof trouser look, but it can negate any tailoring done to the piece and make your pants look cheap. Opt for a simple bag or briefcase where you keep your necessities, and allow your clothes to fall the way they’re meant to.

Dated, worn-out belts

If you’re wearing a belt with the intention of it holding up your pants, you are wearing the wrong size pants––or you need a tailor to take in the waist. The worn leather and tarnished metal of a dated belt can make your entire outfit look sloppy, even if you’re wearing new pieces. High quality belts should be replaced every decade or so, and lower quality belts will need to be replaced every few years to keep your look fresh.

 Wearing the wrong sized tie

Ties come in a variety of widths, and the right one for you depends on your body type. If you’re thin and lanky, then a standard (3.5” across) or a traditional (up to 4” across) is too wide for your frame, and can make you look like a kid in adult clothes. Opt for a narrow (2.75” across) tie for day to day, or a skinny (1.5”-2”) tie for a more stylized look. The same width-rule applies if you’re broader as well, meaning you should opt for a standard or traditional tie, rather than the thinner options to better balance your frame.

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