How to Make Sure Your Dog Isn’t The Boss When You Work From Home

Working from home is a treat for you, but it’s the equivalent to winning an eight-figure lottery jackpot for your dog, who is used to spending their days waiting for you to come home. Now you’re never leaving. Is this a dream?


While your pup (and you) are excited for your new-found together time, pups and productivity aren’t the best match. Here’s how to balance dog time and work time so that dog doesn’t become boss.


Don’t Give In To Cries For Attention

Your first step is to create a dog-free work zone, and your second is to make sure it stays that way. When your dog doesn’t see you for a while (but knows you’re there) he or she may start to get antsy. Scratching on doors, barking and whining are all signs that your pup is feeling some anxiety about this whole no-access thing, but that doesn’t mean you should give in. In order for you to be able to work over the next two weeks, it’s important to not cave. Giving in to your dog’s demands will only send the message that they can continue to bug you and get away with it.



Help To Guide Your Dog’s Need For Stimulation

The precursor to doggie destruction is almost always boredom. Understand your dog’s need to chew, run, or play, and make sure they are stocked up on toys they’ll actually use.


Aim For A Walk Before Work

The best time to have a tired dog is right when you go to work. So, schedule a long walk right before you plan on sitting down. It’ll tire them out, help them to relax, and meet your quality time quota (for a bit).





Help Them Get Through Conference Calls


Need a bark-free call with your manager? Even if your dog isn’t one for toys, this trick will still get (and keep) their attention. Keep some frozen food-stuffed toys in the freezer (A kong with frozen peanut butter is a great example). They’ll lick away for a solid 30-40 minutes, while you talk business in peace.






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