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Dating Apps Actually Can Lead To Long Term Relationships, Study Finds

While quick-match dating apps have gotten a bad rap in recent years for making it too easy to ‘match, meet-up, and repeat’, a new study published in the Journal PLOS ONE suggests that dating apps flames aren’t all quick to rise, quick to fall relationships.


The study surveyed over 3,000 couples who met on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble about their experiences and made some interesting suggestions.


While dating apps can absolutely promote shorter-term relationships, many long-term relationships are formed because users are able to meet people who are motivated to enter a serious relationship and are more likely to do so than if they were to meet someone compatible in person.


Digital dating also gives people more time to discuss their ambitions and motivations, meaning people can ‘get on the same page’ quicker. The result? People who are looking for long-term can find people with similar ambitions quicker.


The idea can (and usually does) translate just as easily to those who are looking for non-committed relationships, but it is still much more interesting to know that dating apps really can create long-term, successful relationships, especially in a socially distanced world that relies much more heavily on digital dating.

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