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Exploring Versatile Home Office Trends With Cadieux Interiors

As our work-from-home routines carry on, new trends in home office solutions continue to emerge. Cadieux Interiors is Ottawa’s destination for quality fine furniture, and their team are experts in contemporary and forward-thinking design for every space.

Cadieux’s John Leblanc gives us his expert insight into today’s best and most useful home office solutions.

1. Shelving and Storage

No matter how limited or sprawling your space is, today’s home offices present a unique challenge and opportunity to maximize both room and storage. Versatile shelving and storage areas can still be stylish, says John.

“Modular units have so many applications. In particular, The Gravity collection by Huppe, along with the Wallride and the Slim collection, offer so many configurations and applications. They are a great solution to a customizable work/media/bar/storage unit, and it can easily move from home to home. These three collections by Huppe do have a more contemporary look, slight nod to mid-century modern. Alternatively, a classic built-in with matching casings and moldings compliment a more traditional setting and afford unlimited possibilities.”


2. The Office Nook

Solutions like those seen with the Gravity Collection by Huppe showcase another emerging trend in home office solutions: the work nook. Particularly desirable in studio apartments and lofts, the office nook is a stylish solution to limited space.

“Today’s home office requires so little storage compared to years ago. I have recently turned a couple of closets into work nooks that ended up being quite efficient and comfortable. Attractive backgrounds, and a door that one can close, have been top concerns with clients as Zoom meetings have taken over our lives!”

3. White With Black Accents

Home office colours are paler, saving the darker shades for rugs, artwork and accessories, which make it easy to change out on a whim.

“We are seeing pale woods, white walls, lots of black accents and houseplants galore.”

4. Smaller Chairs

It may be minimalism that has set fire to a new trend in office chairs, but gone are the days of gaudy, large and overpowering pieces. Instead, smaller office chairs are the top choice, but according to John, comfort isn’t sacrificed.

Chairs like the Cassise Swivel Chair are slick and still very comfortable, supportive AND easy on the eyes.”

Most of all, John says the best trend in home offices is the opportunity to make it your own. “Your office should tell your story, surround yourself with everything that puts a smile on your face. There is an intimacy to a home office. Unlike other spaces that we share, this is YOUR personal space.”

You can view the full range of Cadieux’s products on their website.




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