How to Bounce Back From a Bad Sleep

We all know that getting a good sleep is important for our overall health. The internet is flooded with tips and remedies for getting a restful sleep. But what do you do when all the tips in the world couldn’t get you some shut eye? Here is how you can bounce back after a bad night’s sleep – or no sleep at all.


Accept What Is

Having a horrible sleep can put you in the worst mood, but being negative about it can make things even worse. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you are tired, try to accept that you had a bad sleep and move on instead of draining the remainder of your energy on negativity.

Wake Up at Your Normal Time

Though you may have the urge to hit snooze and catch up on your sleep it’s important that you continue with your usual routine. By sleeping in, you will be throwing off your body clock and possibly setting yourself up for another horrible sleep.


Get Some Sunlight

Sunlight naturally boosts your mood by releasing serotonin into your body. Taking a walk outside and letting the sun hit your skin can help wake you up and limit the yawning and fatigue that you may be feeling.


Avoid Overdoing It on Caffeine

When you are feeling awfully sluggish, you may be tempted to indulge in more coffee than usual – don’t. By pumping your body with caffeine you will not only feel jittery, but your body may also hit a wall. Having too much caffeine in a day can also keep you up at night, again.


Take a Midday 15-20 Minute Nap

Taking a quick nap can do wonders and also allows your body to rest up a bit. Be sure to set your alarm because you don’t want to enter into a deep sleep, which will affect your normal sleeping routine.


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