How To Iron A Dress Shirt In 60 Seconds

What You Need

When you’ve got a shirt that needs ironing, complete your set up simply: grab the board and iron from its resting place, plug in the iron and wait for it to heat up. Make sure the board is on a flat surface, and not tilted.Hot Tip: Check the hot surface of your iron for any stains before you plug it in. If there’s any residue left on the iron, it’ll leave a nasty smear on your shirt.

Start The Clock

Grab your shirt and layout a front panel first. Iron across the panel and hit all problem areas as needed, moving the iron swiftly and keeping the area moisturized before ironing.

Quickly get your front panels done, then onto the sleeves.

Trick Up The Sleeve

Do not touch those edges. When you’re ironing sleeves, skate up the middle and avoid the two sides at all costs, to avoid any creases. Next, do the back panel.

The Plan of Attack

There are areas of your shirt that may need attention:

2 Front Panels
1 Back Panel
2 Sleeves
1 Collar
2 Cuffs

– Collar

Unfold your collar, spray it down, and iron it flat from the underside. Stand your iron up, and carefully fold the collar back into position, ironing over the fold to sharpen it. This will look great, and hold your necktie better, too.

– Moisture

If you’re in a rush, using the highest heat setting is the best practice. You’ll need to make sure to always keep your iron moving.
Make sure you’ve got enough water in the iron to keep it appropriately steamy. When in doubt, always err on the side of having more steam than less.

Steamy Secret: For even better and quicker results, don’t put any water in your iron- instead, have a spray bottle at your ready. When it’s game time, use the bottle to spray the hot surface of the iron and keep it wet directly as well as your clothes, rather than spraying only your clothes.

– Cuffs

For your cuffs, always iron on the inside, not outside.

– Time

Stand your iron up safely, unplug, and dawn your newly pressed shirt for the day or evening ahead.


If you’re simply wearing this shirt under a jacket, you can cut some corners and only tackle:2 Fronts
1 Collar
2 CuffsIt really is that simple, and like most things in life, practice makes perfect.
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