London Family Stuck In Jamaica After Flight Is Cancelled

When Adam Collett of London, Ontario, was asked by his 6-year-old son, Zachary, if he could accompany his father on a vacation to Jamaica, Adam couldn’t say no.

“My son wanted to go for his birthday. He always sees his mom and dad go, so he asked if he could come with us to Jamaica.”

The trip was amazing, except when it took a turn for the worse: when returning, there were no flights leaving that day. After discussing options with the airport, the Collett family found out there would be no direct flights to Toronto for several days.


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Adam contacted Expedia about his issues, to which they then responded by telling Adam he was “on his own”.

“It blows my mind that there was no help. It was like ‘too bad, so sad, you’re stuck in a foreign country’.”

Collett and his family spent that night in a villa, and booked a flight to Ft. Lauderdale for the following day. They then had to choose to either rent a car to drive all the way back to Toronto, or fly directly, which would cost around $4,500.00.

In response, Expedia states they have sent several emails, left voicemails, and tried to contact them by phone on numerous occasions. They also stated the flight cancellation was a result of the Boeing MAX 8 grounding. In the end, Expedia ended up refunding the Collett family the money for the initially missed return flight.

Source: CTV News

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