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5 Ottawa Bars That You Have To Go See

It’s a Saturday night, you’re feeling great, and you’ve got all your friends with you – what else is there to do other than go and hit up a bar? I know for myself, I’m just ready to let loose after a long week at work, so here’s the tea: here at FACES, we’ve done some… erm….in-depth  research about the best bars the nation’s capital has to offer. I know you’re probably just about as thirsty as I am, so let’s hop to it! Here’s 5 bars you have to go to:

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Atari – 297 Dalhousie St.

Atari is a contemporary bar with an 8-bit video game flair – you can order themed cocktails based on your favourite characters, or soak up the graffiti-styled Nintendo murals spotted on the floor. Whichever you choose to do, this place has some serious moxy to it, and is a must see!


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House Of Targ – 1077 Bank St.

At House of Targ, there’s just so much to love – their signature pierogis are a nice place to start. Walking around the room, you’ll bear witness to dozens of retro pinball machines, and many veteran gamers behind them. The drink service is usually served up by a top bartender in the back, who can grab you a perfect libation to go with your gaming experience.


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Babylon – 317 Bank St.

A super elegant, yet simple dive bar with some of the best themed nights in the entirety of Ottawa. Whether it’s 80’s Night, or Drake Night, you can boogie down while grabbing a refreshing beverage with the gang.


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Chateau Lafayette – 42 York St.

Also know to locals as “The Laff”, this place is Ottawa’s oldest tavern-style restaurant! Fresh food made in-house, and a wide selection of unique craft beers makes this place a must-see. Are they a hoity-toity, upscale restaurant? No – but as far as dive bars go, The Laff gets a 5 star rating from me.


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Rabbit Hole – 208 Sparks St.

Housed in a 122-year-old building in the heart of Centretown, Rabbit Hole proudly serves up some of the city’s most creative cocktails in their modern yet historical venue. While this place is easily the priciest on the list, it surely won’t let down you or your company on an exquisite night on the town – just be sure you’re pinky is up whilst drinking.


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