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Ottawa’s Botox Expert: Dr. Caroline Tosoni at Dermapure Ottawa

Chances are that if you talk amongst friends, colleagues, family members or anyone interested in Botox treatments and discuss who they see in Ottawa, where they go or who they would recommend, Dr. Caroline Tosoni’s name will pop up in the conversation. That’s not only because she is one of the very first physicians to have started to offer such treatment in Ottawa, but because she has focussed the last 24 years of her medical career to perfecting her skills in offering neurotoxin treatments. As such, she has been for the past 15+ years, one of the most well recognized names and respected non-surgical medical aesthetic physicians in Ottawa amongst her patients, in the Ottawa community as well as in Ontario, and even Canada amongst her peers and the industry as a whole.


When asked to what she attributes the success of her practice, she will tell you that timing is everything. “I was lucky. I graduated and opened my practice at just the right time, in the very early days of when Botox Cosmetic was first approved by Health Canada for cosmetic use. Only a few of us were offering injectable treatments in Ottawa at the time. Maybe 10 physicians and that was it.  It was a very exciting time.  It felt very natural for me to transition into Cosmetic Medicine. I loved it immediately. It made sense to me.’’




‘’This is an exciting field of medicine. Always evolving. Always changing. Many think that Botox is just for treating the frown lines yet it has so many other applications. In my practice I use Botox to treat migraine headaches and excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis). I use it to reduce pores size and improve skin quality. I use it to reduce wrinkles in the forehead, frown and crow’s feet areas. With precise injections, I use it to lift the brows, open up the eyes, reduce a gummy smile, create a lip flip, sharpen the jawline, upturn the corners of the mouth, diminish bulky masseter muscles and thin the lower face, treat necklace lines, soften platysma bands, and the list goes on.’’


If you would like to meet with Dr. Caroline Tosoni at the Dermapure Ottawa clinic located at 22 York street (Byward Market), you can do so by calling 613-244-5151 to book a consultation.

Follow her IG @tosonimd or @dermapureOttawa for some educational posts and videos.

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