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Over Half Of Workers Would Like To Work From Home For Good

After three months of lockdown, a new survey reveals that most work-from-homers would be happy to remain remote.


The UK study, which included employees and HR professionals across a host of industries, was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Winckworth Sherwood.


The study found that over 61% of respondents would be happy to keep working from home. One fifth of respondents answered as “extremely happy” to do so.



The feeling was mutual; over one third of businesses that participated said they were looking to downsize their office space and move to remote work in some capacity.


While it’s clear that lockdown may have sparked the beginning of a major shift in how we view and structure our work and home lives, a quarter of respondents felt that this shift will have a negative impact on their overall well being; a lack of routine and structure may have an unknown effect of some people’s ability to work from home long-term.


Businesses that adopt a more remote work structure will have to look at how to manage employee well being digitally.