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5 Dish Sets For The Modern Man’s Kitchen

For those of us who enjoy cooking for others, we understand that a big part of a culinary masterpiece lies in the presentation. Poor presentation of a delicious meal can turn guests off of it before they even taste it, even if they don’t realize it. To better wow your guests, a simple change in serving ware can go a long way. Here are some great upgrades to instantly improve your home dining experience. 

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Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set

The matte black of this dinner set brings the tones and reminiscence of earth, rock, and fire, and will instantly make the colours in your dishes pop. The cool and heavy touch of stone lain in the set gives it a professional and quality feel as if you had brought a high-end restaurant right into your kitchen. At just $220, the full set is a steal. 

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Gibson Bella Taupe and Black Dinnerware Set

This dish set is made from stoneware and finished with a glossy glaze. The smooth gradient of the stone changes from dish to dish, and the gloss makes sure no two dishes are the same. The heaviness of the dish set makes it easy to keep in place, and refocuses the gaze and attention to your culinary masterpiece. 


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Black Sprinkled Gold Porcelain Combination Dinnerware Set

This porcelain dinner set is not for the faint of heart. The beautiful textured black is speckled with a highlight of gold, making each piece unique both in look and feel. The ribbed accents and gold-lined curves of each piece make it feel like you’re eating off of decoration instead of a dinnerware set. 


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Black Grain Round Stoneware Dinnerware Set 

Like the set above, this set also emphasizes texture. This method helps refocus the mind on its senses, using the principles of mindfulness, and will help guests notice the subtlety in your cooking. Although labelled as ‘black,’ the grain makes it look more like dark grey, but both will help the colours of your plate pop. 


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Unbreakable Dinner Plates, Imitation Ceramic

For the man who is accident-prone, this dinnerware presents itself as unbreakable imitation ceramic. Perfect for clumsy guests, like children, or for the guests who may be enjoying your wine a little too much; this dish set combines style and design with durability. The imitation ceramic gives the look and feel of a high-end product while skipping on the cost and anxiety of having someone drop $40 onto the tile. 

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