Skills At Home: Fixing That Annoying Wobbly Table

It’s hard to enjoy your meal or work on a project when you feel a constant wobble on the table you’re using. You tried using a book or something else, but that’s not a permanent solution; it doesn’t look that good and you might want to use that book later. What else can you do? Well, here are some tips and tricks to fix that tipsy table of yours:


Examine The Table


Before deciding your action plan and what tools you’re going to need, it best to really examine the table. First, you should turn the table over and study the legs. What material are they made of? Either wood or plastic. Check for any cracks or tears in the them that could be causing the wobble.


After that, you should check if the legs are loose. Keeping the tabletop steady, if they move side-to-side with your hand, then you have found the problem.


Need Glue?


A rare case these days, but sometimes you can fix your table legs with super glue. You can use the usual super glue but, for permanent results, you should apply an extra strong adhesive. This prevents you from having to constantly revisit the problem over and over again in the future. 


Whichever you decide to use, apply it between the leg and tabletop in the correct position. Make sure you can hold it there in position for as long as needed until it completely dries. Make sure you apply this trick to each leg that requires reinforcement.


Use Screws?


In most cases, you’ll be using screws and bolts to fix table legs. If your table has screw applied, use a screwdriver to ensure each of them are properly tightened. Just make sure you don’t to it too tight as you don’t want to strip the screw. If you strip the screw, you’ll have a hard time removing the screw or doing anymore repairs in the future.

The same process can be used with bolts, but instead of a screwdriver, you’ll need a wrench. In both cases, you’ll need to tighten them enough to get the legs perfectly steady.


Still Wobbly?


So, after applying one of the earlier fixes, you turn the table back over and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s still wobbling. Not to worry though, there are some more options to go ahead with.


First, while you don’t want to use a book to level it out because that could be something of an eyesore, you can use a coaster or rubber wedge as they aren’t actually that noticeable to the eye. Another option is that you could literally secure the table to the floor.


If you don’t mind bolts in the floor, you can bolt or screw the table into position and that should most definitely fix your problem. However, before doing any of this, you should actually check if your floor is levelled. Sometimes, especially in apartments, you might find that your floor is slightly uneven, which could be the reason your table to rocking back and forth. A good way to determine this is using a leveller tool. If this is the reason for your wobbly table, there is unfortunately nothing you can do until you tackle this issue.


However, if you managed to solve the problem from the previous fixes, enjoy your next meal or project on your newly fixed table.

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