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This Season’s Men’s Fashion Look Book: A Summer Hiatus

This week was fairly chilly – unfortunately, it’s just a sign of what is yet to come. August always seems to transition to fall fairly quickly, and with September right around the corner, I thought it was appropriate to base this week’s look book off a summer hiatus. We took a summer rest, but now we’re coming back with new, calm energy as the air gets chilly and the leaves begin to change. 

Head In The Clouds: 

This outfit was inspired by the summer sky turning to fall. The gradient in the pants combines the aspects of cloud and sky – blue and white and gives a cool, balanced feeling to the progression of the shades of blue and white. The bibbed shirt is a contemporary take on high-class nobility garb, although the budget is anything but. The OFF-WHITE industrial belt helps tie the bottom half together with a street-style flair, and the round frames and phantom add a hint of gold to the overall look, completing its feel of conscious class and style. 

2. Brownie Points: 

This collection was inspired by the warmth of a fire in a cool autumn breeze. Warm coffee, whiskey, a dancing fire, a beautiful face on a short hike through the hills – these are what I had in mind when putting this together. The dark blue brings a contrast to the details of the sweater, shoes, watch, and belt. The brown fills the outfit with warmth and a traditional feel, and the rustic belt and hybrid smartwatch finish off the look. Business casual, traditional but subtly cheeky, this outfit is sure to turn heads.


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