Senator’s Rookie Camp Launches Today

After the heat that Ottawa Senators took in their previous season, this summer came as a cool breeze for the team, allowing a refresh in both ownership and coaching leadership.

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The Senators Rookie Camp starts off this Thursday, and it couldn’t have come any sooner. The Rookie Camp will allow young hockey prospects to show the Senators what they’re made of alongside coach D.J. Smith. Manager Pierre Dorion was outspoken the last time we interviewed him about how he wants to re-energize the Senators’ fan base, as well as train youths into future hockey legends.

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With the likes of Erik Karlsson, Mark Stone and Matt Duchene getting traded onto other teams, the Senators do have their work cut out for themselves, but this year’s rookies are hopefully looking promising. Pierre made quick work of extending Colin White’s contract an additional 6-years, but only time will tell if these rookies will get a shot at the same deal.

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