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The Top 10 Best Wallets For Men Under $50

Men's wallet, watch, tie on suit

Note: Faces writers have partnered with Amazon to offer affiliate links, although these reviews are written unbiased and uncensored. You will still pay the best price offered, but our writers may receive a small commission on your purchase. Thank-you for supporting us!


$35.49 – SafeDome RFID safe carbon fibre wallet. This wallet combines stylish material, a decent amount of storage, and RFID-blocking material to offer a great combination of style, functionality, and security. 

$26.16 – The Timberland men’s wallet is a basic, stylish leather wallet that is made well and is sure to last. The wallet is medium-sized, and is not too small and not bulky, and performs the basic functions of a go-to wallet. It’s slim but not flimsy and has a feel of real quality as expected from Timberland. 


$43.50 – This Fossil wallet again combines quality, style, and functionality into one item, although the quality is really what most of the $43.50 is going towards. This wallet is made purely from genuine leather, inside and out, and includes a medium-sized number of ID and card slots, as well as a small coin carrier for those of you with guitar picks or, I guess, coins. 



$38.38 – The Timberland Pro men’s wallet is just like their Pro boot model: built for men who need ruggedness. The wallet comes in tan, brown and black, and has built-in RFID blockers to protect your information. The genuine leather on the outside is tough and rugged, and the flexible material on the inside is easily cleaned. 




$29.99 – The Owl walnut cardholder includes RFID blocking material built under a beautiful walnut wood overlay. 



$16.99 – The Vulkit slim cardholder is a tiny-sized, modern, and sleek holder with a patented slide for easy access. It includes RFID blocking material and resembles a sleek cigarette case.




$26.99 – Like the former, the Vulkit medium-sized card holder is almost identical to the first one except it has more card slots for added space, and is, naturally, a little bulkier but still sleek and stylish. 



$12.50 – This Badiya fake leather wallet comes in 7 colours and has stylish details that make it look like it’s $50, not $12.50. It’s built to be a slim, medium-sized wallet without being flimsy or bulky, and is built with materials that block RFID waves. 



$16.80 – This tri-fold wallet is large and somewhat bulky but has extra room for cards and cash. It’s built well, as expected from Steve Madden, and is fairly cheap at only $16.80. It uses RFID-blocking materials to protect your privacy. 



$30.99 – AORAEM has created this handmade, leather trifold that packs a heavy storage load in a mini-book style. It includes materials that block RFID signals to protect your privacy. 



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